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Samsung sells smartphones, tablets and accessories through independent sales teams at both carrier stores and retailers (“channel partners”). Each sales team supports many different phones — including Samsung’s competitors. These teams have to be aware of specific launch dates, features, and even accessories, which can vary from carrier to carrier (as well as retailers). Samsung was looking for a resource to train the teams responsible for device sales.


We wanted to equip the independent sales teams with the necessary information they could use to confidently sell Samsung’s smartphones and accessories. We knew this information had to be up-to-date, accessible, and customizable so that sales teams could quickly engage with customers, answer questions, or share documentation.


We compiled and digitized these resources onto an online, single-source platform that all sales teams could access without the worry of a log-in. This newly created hub was called Samsung Launch Support (SamsungLaunchSupport.com) and represented the beginning of Samsung’s sales enablement process.

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Benefits Icon For Cost-Efficient

$3.2M saved in print spend since 2017

Benefits Icon for Sustainable Expansion

nearly 40 devices supported with rich product imagery and information

Benefits Icon for Reliable Website

a digital, no log-in required format allowed easy access 24/7

Benefits Icon for Innovative

input from teams was easily accessed via contact form and polls

Benefits Icon for Trackable

any click, view or scroll was tracked via Google Analytics

Samsung Launch Support Website Home Page Example

Read the step-by-step evolution of 
Samsung Launch Support and discover the results:

Samsung Launch Kits

Monkeytag started by supporting Samsung with printed launch kits, which were used to introduce new devices and excite and inform reps with the ultimate goal of increasing sales to consumers.


Monkeytag took initiative to start working on a simple one-page website that could tie in with the existing printed launch kits. This presented an opportunity to test digital collateral while preventing a significant disruption to the existing strategy.

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Print Collateral Issues Icon for Big Costs

Big Costs.

Print Collateral Issues Icon for Long Lead Times

Long Lead Times.

Print Collateral Issues Icon for Reprints and Wasted Spend

Reprints & Wasted Spend.

Print Collateral Issues Icon for Lack of Feedback

Lack of Feedback.

Print Collateral Issues Icon for Inability to Track Utilization

Inability to Track Utilization.

Near Field Communication Keychains and Wearable Bracelets

Monkeytag launched SamsungLaunchSupport.com. It was a splash page promoted through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that was included in launch kits. It had a specific purpose: provide a way to deliver video content and news to sales teams.

3,610 Sessions Background


In a few short months: SLS had 3,610 sessions from 1,380 users. 92.88% of traffic was from mobile devices, indicating users were on the move and needed a resource that was able to move with them.

Samsung Launch Support Website Original Splash Page
Samsung Launch Support Home Page Example

Version 2.0 of Samsung Launch Support was going to be its own full-on digital campaign. We planned to evolve the single page resource into a multi-page site that would become the Samsung Channel Team’s first experience in a fully digitized space.


With the stakeholder feedback in mind, Monkeytag pushed the current version of the site live, featuring eight interactive pages all built to enable the sales team to effectively do their job while on the go.


increase in site sessions after expanding from 1 to 8 pages.

Samsung Corporate Focus Group Feedback Icon

After a successful launch of the new site, new initiatives were implemented to sustain awareness of the site and resources available.

Email Marketing

Email was introduced as a way to keep reps aware of new information on the site, by delivering the latest updates to their inbox.

Within the first year, we had nearly 10,000 subscribers and an open rate of 15.8% (5.19% higher than the industry average).

Email Marketing Mobile Subscription Modal
User visiting the Spectrum landing page on a mobile device

Carrier Pages

Initially, Samsung Launch Support was a one-stop-shop for all, but by the end of 2019, Monkeytag had optimized it to also support carrier-specific sites.


A “Contact Us” form was incorporated to allow reps to provide feedback on the site to provide opportunities for continuous improvement.

The Results

Monkeytag developed a sustainable solution to support Samsung’s Channel Team by providing a resource that efficiently educates and informs reps, and ultimately leads to increased sales opportunities and improved ROI.

In 2019, Samsung Launch Support supported 19 device launches and multiple national promotions. There were over 60,000 visitors to the site and 150,000 sessions. A third of overall traffic came directly to the site, indicating a general awareness that the information is out there, and useful.

2019 Stats:
Results Icon for Number of Users

62,500 users

Results Icon for Number of Sessions

150,700 sessions

Results Icon for Average Session Duration

1:39 mins avg session duration

Results Icon for Number of Downloads

13,699 Collateral Downloads

Results Icon for Number of Downloads

30,344 Device Comparisons

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