April 2021

Smaller Agencies Provide Great Value to Larger Clients

Smaller Agencies Provide Great Value to Larger Clients

Have you ever wondered or asked, “do large companies ONLY work with large marketing agencies”? The answer is NO since, right now, many large companies are working with smaller independent marketing agencies. In fact, in countless instances, large companies are seeking out smaller agencies, like Monkeytag. 

Smaller agencies like us provide a lot of value to larger companies that often complement are exceed the efforts of bigger marketing agencies. 

Six reasons why an independent marketing agency is the most appropriate fit for a corporate company.
  1. Transparency. Smaller agencies give clients more detailed insight and visibility to projects in regards to costs, processes, and communications. 
  2. Affordability. Smaller agencies can maintain and improve the quality of work at a lower price point when compared to the costs of big agencies. Smaller agencies carry a lighter operating overhead when compared to big agencies which lowers rates and costs to clients.
  3. Flexibility. Smaller agencies are lean, flexible, and adaptable. If a client wants something done, we get it done without putting the project through several “operational” protocols. Additionally, if a project direction suddenly changes, a small agency can adjust with immediacy.
  4. Speed. Smaller agencies are nimble and can move with speed to stay in step with larger companies’ needs.
  5. No Red Tape. Smaller agencies don’t bear a hierarchical or bureaucratic rulebook to enact decisions, thus allowing for more creative ideas, voices, and contributions to be shared. As they say, bureaucracy is the Kryptonite of innovation. 
  6. No Complacency. Smaller agencies are incredibly passionate about doing an excellent job for their larger clients, which brings about a higher degree of focus, creativity, and diligence by our agency team. In contrast, some big agencies can get complacent in managing the client account or pursuing other large accounts rather than creatively solving problems as a partner. 

One more benefit is that smaller agencies can avoid what is known as the Ringlemann Effect. This effect is a phenomenon where individual group members will become less productive as their group size increases. Having more people doesn’t always equal more productivity…just equals more costs. 

“I think we really like the ability for our smaller agencies to move quickly and move at the speed of the realities of the marketplace. And we really are attracted to that because we want to move at that same speed.” 

Andrea Brimmer, CMO at Ally Financial, in an interview with AdAge

As a small and lean agency, Monkeytag employs a solid team of specialists with broad skill sets that allow us to be highly collaborative, creative, and productive.

Suggested Read: Click the link to learn more about our agency. You can see how we got our start in an airstream and what are the founding beliefs of our company.


Featured Photo by Airstream Inc. on Unsplash

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