At Monkeytag, we work with businesses ranging from large to small, across all industries seeking out ways to market for success. Our agency’s approach is about marketing for success by helping decision-makers understand how our team can grow their bottom line with effective planning and strategizing.  It’s essential to understand that marketing is a constant […]

The advertising industry keeps a steady pulse on what’s going on in the world, most notably evidenced by brands’ commercial content. 2020 certainly kept creatives on their toes, as we all searched for better ways to say, “these unprecedented times.” Let’s take a look back on the year 2020, as told by some of its most […]

Whether you’re Team Tree-Goes-Up-After-Thanksgiving or Team Christmas-Music-in-October, we all have that one person in our lives for whom we can’t seem to nail down a gift idea. Well, we are here to help!  Welcome to the Monkeytag Gift Guide – Work from Anywhere Edition! We’re breaking it down into six categories of essential 2020 gifts […]

The office looks a little different this year. Instead of working amongst high rises and the DART trains’ frequent ding-ding, we’re working from home in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Our conference room is now a Zoom grid filled with various stock backgrounds – space, the beach, a football stadium. It’s been about seven months […]

We sat down with one of our Co-Founder/Co-CEOs, Anthony Bearden, to talk about how he and Gary Pedroza came to form Monkeytag. We also get a look at the early days of the agency. How did you and Gary first meet?I met Gary and his wife Melissa at a bar in Uptown Dallas while watching […]