Whether you’re Team Tree-Goes-Up-After-Thanksgiving or Team Christmas-Music-in-October, we all have that one person in our lives for whom we can’t seem to nail down a gift idea. Well, we are here to help!  Welcome to the Monkeytag Gift Guide – Work from Anywhere Edition! We’re breaking it down into six categories of essential 2020 gifts […]

The office looks a little different this year. Instead of working amongst high rises and the DART trains’ frequent ding-ding, we’re working from home in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Our conference room is now a Zoom grid filled with various stock backgrounds – space, the beach, a football stadium. It’s been about seven months […]

We sat down with one of our Co-Founder/Co-CEOs, Anthony Bearden, to talk about how he and Gary Pedroza came to form Monkeytag. We also get a look at the early days of the agency. How did you and Gary first meet?I met Gary and his wife Melissa at a bar in Uptown Dallas while watching […]