April 2021

What Do Ecommerce Marketers Want?

What Do Ecommerce Marketers Want?

A recent survey report by Sidecar highlighted some feedback by #ecommerce marketers from different size businesses. What caught our attention is what small business marketers wished they had more time to for. 

Sidecar’s recent 2021 Ecommerce Marketer Survey revealed that marketers are largely aligned on the types of tasks they wish they had more time for, regardless of the retail business’s size. Furthermore, what’s interesting is that 47% of marketers for small retail companies want more time to develop their brand creative. In contrast, only 23% of marketers for mid-sized retailers and 26% of enterprise retailers feel this way.

what ecommerce marketers want

These results indicate the value and importance of needing stronger creative to help smaller and potentially lesser-known retailers stand out online and break through to key audiences. Further supporting this idea is that 47% of marketers for small retailers said they want to spend more time on brand building.

As a marketing agency, we feel we don’t hear enough from small businesses; however, these priorities sound very familiar from those we have helped in the past. 

Question: For the small business owners who manage an online business, what other marketing #challenges do you face?

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Featured Photo by aranprime on Unsplash

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