AI and Automation Services

Harnessing the power of AI and automation is crucial for staying ahead. How can AI optimize your marketing efforts? What efficiencies can automation bring to your campaigns? Why should your brand invest in these AI and automation services?

We leverage advanced AI tools for content creation, data analysis, and personalized marketing campaigns, streamlining your processes and enhancing your results. Our solutions are designed to make your marketing smarter and more efficient, driving better outcomes for your business.

Who are we? We are Monkeytag, a Dallas and Los Angeles-based marketing agency specializing in AI and automation solutions. Our innovative and tech-savvy team is dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technologies into your marketing strategy, helping your brand achieve unparalleled success.

AI and Automation Capabilities

  • AI-Driven Content Creation
  • Automated Data Analysis
  • Personalized Marketing Campaigns
  • Workflow and Process Automation

AI magic in marketing.

Staying ahead means getting smart with AI. Our AI and automation services do the heavy lifting, from content creation to campaign optimization, ensuring your brand doesn’t just compete but leads the charge. Think of AI as your digital marketing wizard, casting spells to make your strategies smarter and more effective.

It's time to automate the mundane.

Why do the boring stuff when you can automate it? Our AI and automation services handle repetitive tasks like data analysis and marketing workflows, freeing you up to focus on the creative side. It’s like having a super-efficient robot assistant, tirelessly making sure your operations run smoother than ever.

Personalization power-up.

One-size-fits-all marketing is so last decade. With our AI-driven personalization, every interaction is tailored to your audience’s preferences. We leverage user data to craft bespoke experiences that drive engagement and conversions, making each customer feel like they’re the center of your marketing universe.

Activate the efficiency enhancer.

Why settle for good when you can optimize for greatness? Our ongoing performance monitoring and data-driven tweaks ensure your campaigns are always at their peak. It’s like having a marketing coach constantly refining your strategy to turn good results into phenomenal ones.

The Path to Intelligent Marketing




We start by analyzing your current processes and identifying areas where AI and automation can make the most impact.

plan icon process



We integrate advanced AI tools and automation solutions into your marketing strategy, ensuring seamless implementation and operation.

optimize icon



Using AI-driven data analysis, we continuously monitor the performance of your campaigns and processes, identifying opportunities for improvement.

design icon process



We’ll execute the content strategy across all relevant platforms, ensuring consistency in messaging and style, optimized for SEO to enhance discoverability.




Our ongoing optimization ensures that your AI and automation solutions always operate at peak efficiency, driving the best possible results.


Recent Branding Projects

the simians zhno

The Simians

We brought The Simians to life through comprehensive content marketing, creating the brand, characters, illustrations, and conducting photoshoots of toys to engage audiences across various platforms.

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Applause NY branding website

Applause NY

We enhanced Applause NY’s content marketing by creating a modernized logo and vibrant branding that appeals to both children and their caregivers, complemented by engaging content like the new studio slogan: “Discover, Train, Perform.”

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La Calle Logo

La Calle

We developed engaging content by creating custom illustrations and lively taco banter for taco wrap papers, to-go bags, and menus, enhancing the brand’s messaging and customer experience through creative content marketing.

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Local Hub logo decal

Local Hub

Local Hub was a bicycle shop in Dallas that sold, serviced, and rented bikes to the community. The Challenge Local Hub Bicycle Company was founded

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Voss Creative branding monkeyag

Voss Creative

Voss Creative was an app development business with a focus on iOS design. The Challenge Voss Creative’s goal was to build applications that disrupted the

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the rack stationary

The Rack

The Rack was intended to be a ‘multi-vendor retail space in the Dallas area. The Challenge In 2018, Monkeytag was approached to concept a retail

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How we stand out in the crowd

With an independent agency, you can expect accountability and transparency. We foster original thinking and innovation, and prioritize speed-to-market for any quick-turn projects.

We seek to understand your business, from both you and your customer’s perspectives, to gain a broader perspective on any unique challenges.

We believe transparency is a fundamental part of how we do business. We don’t mark up or hide third-party costs in our project estimates.

Our team is made up of individuals with varied backgrounds whose experience provides unique perspectives to each project.

We understand the importance of time and cost when executing projects on our client’s behalf, so we focus on practical efficiencies. We continually evaluate and adjust our processes, workflows, and pricing to ensure we are performing as efficiently as possible.

The relationships we have established with our contracted partners allow them to serve as an extension of our agency. Our transparent approach of including them as active project participants makes for stronger communication, agile adaptability, and true accountability.


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