holiday gift 2017 packaging design

Custom holiday package design complete with vinyl toy figurine.

The Challenge

Our agency wanted to stand out among the rest of the holiday gifts our clients receive each year. We needed to find an out-of-the-box idea that, ironically, ended up being very much in a box.

The Solution

We created a packaging design that would encase one of our brand-new Simian figurines as part of a holiday kit aimed to keep Monkeytag top of mind for recipients.

The package was constructed with heavy stock and screen printed with semi-matte metallic ink. The interior design was inspired by retro-futurism and space travel while intertwining custom insignias of each Simian character’s tribe.

simians gift packaging design
simians gift packaging design

Packaging Design

The package also served as a three-way display case for the figurines. Recipients could open the box flaps to display the figurine within the package, remove the Simian’s interior stand while keeping a printed environment card attached, or simply keep the figurine on its stand and remove the environment card. The holiday kit was built for versatility throughout all three display options.

simians gift packaging design
simians gift packaging design

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