Lenovo jedi challenges

Lenovo Mirage AR’s smartphone-powered augmented reality lets you play as characters from Star Wars.

The Challenge

Lenovo partnered with Lucas Films/Disney to create a smartphone-powered augmented reality product featuring the characters from the latest Star Wars trilogy. The Lenovo Mirage AR was set to launch in December 2017 to capture the excitement around Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Lenovo needed to create an in-store experiential demo of the product to help drive engagement, awareness, and ultimately sales.

The Solution

Lenovo enlisted us to work with national retail teams to concept and develop the in-store demo display for four Best Buys around the country. They only had a small footprint to work with for the display, so we needed to maximize our space.

We created a pedestal to showcase the AR headset, lightsaber, and tracking beacon – a display that would ultimately be iterated upon for other retail applications both nationally and globally. We created a floor decal to position the customer engaging with the product, an 8ft wide backdrop to assist the visuals appearing in the head-up display, and then a character cutout of Kylo Ren to entice traffic to the space.

We also helped develop four additional point-of-sale displays that were dependent upon available shelf space for each retailer. We also created a new product key visual that Disney approved for use on banner stands and other marketing collateral.

Lenovo Star Wars retail display AR headset
Lenovo print retail tabletops
Lenovo ar display
Lenovo ar display

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